Website created showcasing information on iron deficiency for patients, physicians, and women. Created site maps, page designs, and collaborated with developers, writers, and client to produce the site with drupal while also overlooking design from basic designs to final launch. Marketing materials were also produced including die cut flyers, stickers, trade show booths, and the promotional video seen here.

PATIENT INFORMATION SITE is a site for Actelion which promotes information for health care professionals and patients on Niemann-Pick Type C Disease. The  Professional Directory allows health care professionals to add their profile to a database where users can find physicians for Niemann-Pick Type C disease that meet their needs. User flows, site maps, and design were used to create the directory.




This mobile app allows residents of Switzerland to buy and sell their used cars from their smart phone. Social media sharing options allow for a unique experience for both dealers and individuals. With user profiles accounts can be created to see social media stats and the status of vehicles that are within their search requirements. Along with wireframing and designing, marketing materials such as magazine ads, web banner ads, and the promotional video featured to the right. Now available on iTunes, iPad, and Android.


Matters of Dignity: The Oregon Death with Dignity Act in American Society, is a web interface created for the senior degree project. The interface focuses on physician assisted death and how users may view

the act from a sociological perspective while also debunking common misconceptions. Intensive research on the Death with Dignity Act and sociology were required to create information graphics in an attempt to inform Americans that the law exists as an option for the terminally ill to end their life on their own terms.




Sip Network is an interactive television network dedicated to craft beverages such as coffee, tea, liquor, beer, and wine. Through out the day, programming on the channel

changes based on what type of drink you may be sipping (for instance, in the morning there may be programming on coffee while alcoholic beverages start at happy hour). The user is able to filter programs by beverage categories as well as order featured products and find local sip spots. For this branding project, the designer was asked to create a brand along with TV schedules, bumps, and web applications relating to the network.





I Got This Scar... is based on the concept that every scar has a story behind it. Users are able to upload photos of themselves  and their scar, type up the story of how they  received it, and include any relevant tags. The final product takes form of a video to be presented to developers to development.



Using After Effects, a video was created illustrating a commute to school using only typographic elements. Based on rushing
to class, inspiration was drawn from Tetris

giving the story to life with playful elements.



The goal of this project was to create a web

prototype for a typography journal based

on essays. Salient is a web concept focusing

on three prominent essays in typography.

The look and feel of the site features overlapping “pages” on different planes to

give the site a book like quality in digital

format. Salient also introduced working

with concepts to develop an identity.





Wendell Potter and PICO National Network  presented myself and two designers with

the task of creating a visual accompaniment
supporting his presentation on health

care reform and the Affordable Care Act.

The client specified that the presentation

 function as an informative aid to his

words while considering the wide audiences.